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Transpersonal Psychology/Counselling

The transpersonal approach to human experience is one where there is a comprehensive inclusion of considerations drawing from scientific, psycho-spiritual, cultural, social and human developmental themes. In other words, it considers:

The world and work of the transpersonal is a way of life!

It demands that we recognise and cultivate meaning and it celebrates things which are distinctively human – our bodily existence, our social lives, our psychological domain and our spirituality in whatever form that may takes.

In the pursuit of happiness and health:

  1. Provides purpose and direction
  2. Adds value, worth and importance
  3. Gives us a sense of control and coherence to concepts and ideas
  4. Helps us achieve greater success

Transpersonal work is grounded – in that it calls us to transverse life in a ‘down to earth’ way. It approaches matters from every-day, usual human experience. NOT the way of rarified notions associated with some spiritual approaches to therapy.

Transpersonal work:

Seeks the simplest, clearest explanation first.

Is person centred in its approach.

Paves the way to find messages which are life giving.

Cultivates meaning making.

Facilitates an individual’s understanding of their own issues and life.

Communicates inner resources and wisdom.

Is life enriching and sustaining.