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I have been seeing Kylie for almost 10 sessions now and what I have experienced is truly one of the most life changing transformations. I have been on a self-healing journey for 14 years and have done pretty much every kind of therapy to deal with childhood trauma, triggers and old habits, and nothing has transformed them more than Kylie’s work. My mental health was causing very dangerous thoughts and outcomes and now I am free from all of it. My triggers are dealt within minutes or hours. My marriage has been saved, I have reconnected with my children, myself and spiritual side. I 100% trust my knowledge and now have the full ability to guide my family into a life full of abundance, love and true happiness. I highly recommend Kylie and her amazing work for anyone wanting to live life to their full potential.


On the outside, everything seemed amazing…. but on the inside, I wasn’t okay, and I couldn’t understand why I just couldn’t be happy and grateful for what I had. I was constantly triggered, anxious, depressed, angry, and filled with so many insecurities, self-doubts and limiting beliefs. Loud sounds sent me in to a panic… Certain smells affected me… and leaving the house with my children was incredibly challenging. I was scared, and I’d spent a majority of my life feeling this way. My childhood was toxic, which ended in my Dad committing suicide when I was 14, and my Mum remarrying an alcoholic. I then went on from one abusive relationship to another, and experienced two traumatic births, that I just couldn’t seem to come to terms with. I had tried everything to move on from those hurts. Nothing seemed to help. I felt broken.

That was until I saw Kylie. After my very first session, my anxiety started to fade away. Session after session, I began feeling lighter and lighter. Where there was once fear, pain, wounds, resentment and anger… is now filled with light, peace, forgiveness and harmony. My relationships are stronger than ever. I leave the house daily. It’s smooth, and happy. I’m a calmer and gentler parent. I’m more confident. I’m achieving goals. Anxiety and stress feel like such a distant memory, it’s hard to believe that was even me.

I am happy. I am content. I feel free. My life flows. Kylie. Thank you.

A million times, THANK YOU!

You completely changed my life, and I will be forever grateful to you.


I was only 23 when I signed up myself for a toxic and abusive marriage to a guy I knew growing up. Everyone told me I haven’t been out in the world enough to know I deserve better. But I went against the whole world, choosing to ignore all the red flags even before walking down the aisle and in less than a year went through the shame and blame game for getting a divorce.

Not only was the entire time with this guy traumatic leading to attempted suicide and depression, years after I still continued to experience abuse, depression, feeling suicidal and it felt like I was caught in an infinite loop.

I wanted a way out. I had the most beautiful childhood, most loving parents and brother, and suddenly I was stuck in a nightmare in my personal life. I quit my successful career in the finance industry where I had a 6 figure income, and left Sri Lanka on a quest to find myself and build my life from scratch.

In my 4th year in Melbourne through a circle of amazing gorgeous girlfriends I heard about Kylie – about one event of trauma that was wiped out from the subconscious mind for my friend and her 2 year old baby helping them to move out of fear and doubt and live happily.

I didn’t know what Kylie did, but I was curious to find out and went for my first session. From day 1 she has made me see all invisible self sabotaging, self limiting beliefs and programming in my subconscious mind that was keeping me stuck in this loop of a nightmare and now life is simple and beautiful.

My life has taken a massive turn towards achieving goals easily, feeling free, peaceful, unlimited love for myself within and for others I meet in life, and positive outlook towards life even in times of a global crisis and pandemics.

I was struggling with staying focused and motivated and was sure of failing studies when I sought for help through Kylie only to pass with Distinctions.

So, if you or anyone you truly care about is self sabotaging the opportunity to live your best life and achieve goals especially during a global crisis, just reach out to Kylie with an open mind and curiosity like I did and celebrate life!


I have been working with Kylie for some time now and I can highly recommend her as a Psych K practitioner. She goes above and beyond in all of her treatment sessions and even supports me outside of session times.

She has helped me release stress around many situations and areas in my life. Allowing me to see with clarity and make decisions that support my wellbeing. Kylie is generous with her time and I feel comfortable and well looked after at each session I have with her.

Her guidance has been invaluable and has helped me be more in flow with my life. Thank you Kylie I am so appreciative of your support, guidance and care.


I have been seeing Kylie for a few months now and have had the most incredible results for not only myself, but my children.

After being involved in a drive by shooting (a bullet missed me and my daughter by a metre whilst we were awake in our BED!), I had significant trauma and anxiety in general. One of the first things we decided to work on was my sensitivity to loud sudden noises (I would experience extreme anxiety even putting cutlery in the cutlery drawer). Kylie helped my body and mind let go of the fear of sounds being a threat. and immediately and since then I have been untriggered by loud noises.

The week that followed this release of stress I noticed that my little girl (the one that was in the room with me) was jumping every time there was a loud bang. At my next appointment I asked if we could please release this stress from her subconscious also, which we did.

I should add that my little girl was ‪a 4am morning girl, she would wake ‪at 4am EVERY MORNING (regardless of where we were, even if we were overseas) and when she woke, she would SCREAM and nothing would settle her. I realise now that the gunshots were fired into our home ‪at 4am.

The morning following her stress release she woke ‪at 6:30am and the first thing she said to me was about frogs and lions, she was happy and giggling, and a little girl that I hadn’t seen in forever… It has been 6 months or so now, and she has woken between 5 and 7 every day and has not woken screaming once.


Working with Kylie is a blessing! She has helped bring calm and peace back to my life where there was deep seated pain and hurt. Anger and disappointment has been replaced with acceptance and grace.

I was fast losing faith in myself after leaving a domestic violence relationship and the challenges that followed that. I was self sabotaging in several areas of my life to deal with the pain. But with Kylie’s gentle care and approach, I have returned to my true self and feel I am more on my path now than I have ever been! She is empathetic and truly accepting of your life and journey. She shows great care and compassion in every session. She has been a true blessing in my life and through her I have managed to grow more in the last 2 months than I have in 3 years of other therapies since my separation! I have seen what life can offer when you truly believe it is possible and that is thanks to Kylie!

Thank you Kylie for shining your light on this world and truly being a angel of unconditional love.


I initially saw Kylie for guidance with health issues but soon discovered she had so much more to offer me in all areas of my life – health, social, spiritual and physical growth. Kylie establishes rapport and gives you her full attention and care. Her professionalism, knowledge and practical support and guidance are exceptional. Kylie’s shared wisdom has enabled me to make productive life choices and achieve personal and professional goals.

After each consultation Kylie promptly provides a follow up report which is clearly outlined, positive and encouraging to meet agreed goals. I am so grateful for the enrichment achieved in my life – Thank you Kylie.