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“Truely the Greatest Gift you can give is that of your own Self-Transformation”
– LAO TZU Chinese Philosopher

Reprogramming the mind with new self enhancing beliefs reduces unwanted stress and helps access your full potential in meeting life’s challenges. Transform any resistance to achieving your intentions and goals so the effort you put forward produces maximum results and has you living a satisfying, balanced and sustainable life. It’s so easy and you will have fun along the way!

The average session is usually one – one and half hour, however this may vary. Depending on your specific goal or goals, it may be possible to work on more than one issue in the same session.

PSYCH-K® sessions can be facilitated in person, online and by phone and they all have the same effectiveness. For the online and phone sessions PSYCH-K® Facilitators are trained to use a process called Surrogation to support you for the Muscle Testing.

Individual Power Session

For Immediate stress release, belief re-programming or habit change

1 x 1.5 hour session, online or one on one

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Commit to your Future

For Long Term Sustained Change

10 x 1.5 hour sessions, up front payment, tailored to your needs, online or one on one

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Payment Plan Available

Ask me today and we can tailor a plan that works for you

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